Passionate for the environment

​The Anthropocene (An·thro·po·cene) is the proposed name for our contemporary geological epoch where ever expanding human activity has come to play a significant (if not defining) role in shaping global ecosystems. The term has steadily gained popularity across a wide range of disciplines who observed that human development, while creating many benefits for society, has dramatically and irrevocably transformed the natural world. These changes have been most apparent in urban environments where human infrastructure has most thoroughly displaced naturally functioning systems.

"Ages of Rock" by Ray Troll

President - Scott Jeffers, PE, PhD

Scott Jeffers has over 10 years’ experience in the water resource industry specializing in site and regional hydraulic/hydrologic modeling and green infrastructure design. Scott graduated from the Drexel University Sustainable Water Resource Engineering Lab, where he studied green infrastructure and urban water resources. The Lab provided him with the opportunity to work closely with many municipalities including the Philadelphia Water Department, Boston Water Sewer Commission, and the New York City Departments of Environmental Protection and Park and Recreation. During his time at the consulting firm Mott MacDonald, Scott designed water/wastewater systems in the Philadelphia area, including multiple neighborhood-wide surface green stormwater infrastructure practices and underground infiltration basins. At Bentley Systems and Innovyze, Scott developed and maintained relationships in the water/wastewater industry throughout the United States, bringing his knowledge of modeling software, asset management planning, and live data analytics to help utilities, consultants, and municipalities towards systemwide planning and improvement.

Throughout his career, Scott has promoted sustainable planning to address the most challenging urban environmental issues. He believes in green solutions to urban environmental issues that promote sustainable planning for the future. Recreationally, he is a musician and rock climber.



Client Relations Manager - Kendall Rosbury

Kendall Rosbury is the co-owner of Electrical and Hydraulic Solutions (EHS), along with her husband Randy who has worked in water/wastewater industry over 30 years. Kendall has been in customer service, product delivery and training over 20 years, she has been a valuable team member assisting her clients acquire the product or information that they need to succeed and grow their business. Kendall has opened and operated several small companies while raising their nine children. Kendall with her husband Randy opened Electrical and Hydraulic Solutions in 2014, She took a strong interest in water/wastewater industry which led to her taking charge of the Raco section of EHS and grew the company’s client base and sales exponentially since opening the company. Her passion is addressing the needs of the client, follow up and customer satisfaction.

Kendall has volunteered numerous years for several organizations such as local humane societies, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association, CASA and the State of Georgia Adoptive and Foster Parent Association. Kendall resides in Savannah, Georgia with her husband of 38 years Randy and their youngest son David. She enjoys fishing, gardening and spending time with her German Shepard and spoiling their 7 grandchildren.



Many of our friends are addressing environmental issues from different perspectives and backgrounds. Please reach out if you see an ability to collaborate or share ideas!