This document was written with the intent to understand current options for pretreating stormwater before it enters underground storage chambers. The main focus is to find a way to reduce the maintenance demands in particular cleaning of these underground systems. This includes capturing trash and other debris while reducing silt and other particulate which may reduce the ability of the systems to infiltrate over their lifespan. Many systems available systems deal with improving overall water quality, but because the systems of interest was designed for infiltration with overflow discharging into a combined sewer, the main design criteria is not on improving water quality, but reduce maintenance demands on the systems themselves.


We are proud to announce a partnership with CHI to support PCSWMM and help bring powerful, yet intuitive software to the water resource community. CHI’s ethical view of SaaS enables municipalities and engineers firms access to state of the art technology and unexpectedly great support. In light of this recent effort, I wanted to add a note of my personal experience using PCSWMM - I hope you enjoy!